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User’s Guide 

For Meron Help, download Meron User’s Guide PDF.  Click the link in your language:


Some phones require that you turn off Mobile data (disable cellular data).  Afterwards follow the regular operation (see above) You should regularly connect to the meron wifi with the password: Meron.  Only then go to the app SianoTV and scan channels.


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Meron Installation: 

Charge the Meron fully before initial operation:

  • Connect the charger to the Meron and to an electrical outlet until the red “Charge” LED turns on
  • When the Meron is fully charged, the “Charge” LED turns offMeron Help

2. Download and install the free SianoTV application from Google Play or from Apple App Store (not the USA App store, see below) 3. Operate the Meron:

  • Fully extend the antenna
  • Position the Meron outdoors or on a window ledge for maximum reception
  • Turn on the Meron using the ON/OFF switch. The blue “ON” LED lights up.

4. Set up the WiFi connectivity on your mobile device’s settings/connectivity manager

  • Turn off Mobile data
  • Use your mobile device at a maximum of 7 meters distance from the Meron
  • Go to the Network Manager on your mobile phone or tablet and search for the “Meron” network
  • Enter the password – “Meron” (with a capital ‘M’)

5. Activate the “SianoTV” application 6. For initial use only, channels must be scanned; go to SianoTV > Select Settings > Choose your location > Scan Channels 7. Once the channel scan is complete, press DONE 8. Select “Live TV”, press and watch TV channels. To switch from one channel to another, swipe fingertips over the screen either right or left

USA App Store?

The SianoTV app does not exist in the USA App store and a few others.  You can find it in many other countries, for example the UK App Store. If you are using the USA App Store, simply change the country in your iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to the App Store and select Featured or Top Charts. Tap Apple ID, View Apple ID.  If needed enter your Apple password and change the Country/Region.  Agree to Apple terms, add personal details if needed and you country has changed.  Now look for SianoTV.

Philippines and Sri Lanka

Both Philippines and Sri Lanka are using ISDB-T for digital TV, just like Japan.  For scanning TV channels in Philippines and Sri Lanka, please choose Japan in the SianoTV App. Pull the antenna so its fully extended, and scan channels.  Its recommended to scan outside the house in a place where you know there is a good reception for digital TV.


Download SianoTV App

The App can be downloaded for free.  Click here: SianoTV App